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A topic that always prompts a bit of friendly debate round the bar is the subject of ghosts, and strange things that go bump in the night. Whether or not you believe, there have been many unexplained sightings and experiences in Grace Neill’s over the years.

Derek Acorah made a name for himself as Medium on TV’s ghost-hunting series Most Haunted. He paid a visit to Grace Neill’s a few years ago, and was convinced he found a restless spirit roaming through the building.

Bangor based ghost-hunter Mike Hirons also paid us a visit, and was so convinced of the spirit presence here, he held a séance in order to communicate with the ghosts he found. You can see footage of that séance below.

Both these paranormal experts are convinced that they have communicated with the spirit of Grace Neill herself, who, it is believed, feels lonely sometimes as she can see the hustle and bustle of real people in the bar but can’t talk to them.

When she ran the pub, Grace was known to be a friendly and welcoming woman, and loved to chat to customers through the pub. The incidences of ghostly activity are believed to be examples of Grace still trying to communicate, to this day.

Unusual events that have been witnessed include:

Glasses and books being moved about, both in the original part of the bar and the newer areas. This still happens, particularly late at night, as if an extra pair of hands are trying to help tidy up.

A whisky bottle suddenly split open, dousing the bar in alcohol. When the barman examined the bottle, it hadn’t been hot under a lamp, it hadn’t fallen over, and it hadn’t been knocked by other bottles.

A customer once saw her glass slide straight across the table. When she told the barman what had happened, they checked the table – it wasn’t wet, it was completely level, and she wasn’t the worse for wear!

Lights in various rooms somehow switch themselves off when they have been switched on; and to add to the mischief they get switched on when they have been switched off. Electricians have checked the wiring and can’t see anything wrong.

Various members of staff over the years have, unaware of previous statements, reported feeling something like a force or presence “pass through them”.

Customers and staff have from time to time noticed the distinctive smell of pipesmoke wafting round the bar, even though there is a smoking ban throughout the establishment. Oddly, Grace was known to be very fond of smoking a clay pipe.





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